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Building Validity & Positioning in Lead Generation with Glenn McQueenie

For amusement and excitement, there is nothing like a great roller coaster - with steep climbs, fast drops, relentless speeds, tight turns, flips, and sudden stops! Roller coasters are wonderful, adrenaline-pumping entertainment!

The fun stops when the roller coaster becomes an analogy for your career in real estate. When your career and your personal income begin to experience steep climbs, you feel brave and powerful. But when you suffer an unanticipated fast drop in business, a tight turn in your income, or when your success flips over completely, you become fearful, distraught, and powerless. In fact, the one thing everyone in real estate agrees upon is, you must avoid the
Productivity Roller Coaster!

You are a real estate professional. You are wholly qualified to competently handle a real estate transaction, to deliver superior customer service, and to give your customers professional, life-changing advice. Your real estate experience thus far, plus your personal history, no matter what it is, make you uniquely
competent for this job.

So, have you told the world?

Living the business life of 36:12:3 will give you the gift of confidence and security in your real estate business career. And beyond that, it can even establish the foundation from which you can choose to build a business along the path of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

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