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“Working with Buyers to Create Urgency in a Shift” with Joel Langlois

Your clients won't have a sense of urgency if you don't. Learn how to create a level of urgency by joining Joel for this awesome class!

This interactive class will teach you the best practices, habits and techniques that helped Joel rise to the top of his Buyer game. Learn his secrets of success so you too can build a high-level buyer business.

  • As a solo agent or a team, learn the models and systems to improve your level of service and become more efficient when working with any type of buyer.
  • Fill your pipeline with an unlimited amount of leads by learning how to use the lead sheet so you can quickly convert phone calls into appointments.
  • Create a value proposition tailored to best meet your buyers’ needs.
  • Develop the habit of tracking your numbers so you can monitor your business growth.
  • Quickly identify communication styles so you can communicate with your buyer in the way they best understand.
  • Learn the top buyer objections, and master scripts top agents use to handle them.
  • Create clients for life by providing excellent service from A to Z, for your buyers and vendor partners.
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