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Team Leadership Academy

Session Objectives: In this monthly mastermind session, you'll learn dynamic ways to build and grow your teams and change lives for the better!  You can also expect to get on the path to interview mastery by discussing KW's Career Visioning system and best practices of other successful teams.

Learn to speak the game-changing Language of Real Estate and understand your team's four conversations model. Gain insights on using top team models, and high earning entrepreneur systems. Learn to leverage your team value proposition in hiring and success through others.   Discover how to pour into your talented team members in order to create opportunities for them so that they can fulfill their own needs. As a result, your business will grow!

These sessions will really help you to understand your business needs and maximize your retention of amazing talent. And, when you are bringing top talent to your team and taking care of them, they will take care of you!

If you want to work on how to:

  • empower your people to build their empire inside of yours
  • align their motivational story to your vision
  • leverage key tools such as the Impact Filter, The Moving Future, GPS and 4-1-1 in order to help set their vision
  • and more......
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