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Build A Great Referral Business - A Lead Generation Panel

Join our amazing panel of Donny Mangos, Meg Hetherington, and Candice Frigault-Schott!!

Your database of referral opportunities is of little use to you unless you are staying in touch with it on a regular basis—mailing, calling, visiting and always reminding them that you are a real estate agent who works by referrals.

Your referral network is a future wealth machine for you. Our problem is we ignore it. We think because we are so charming and good looking, and we are real estate agents, people will remember us forever, even if we don’t talk to them. But the human mind will forget you—every 16 days! It is not up to them to remember you are a real estate agent. It is up to you to remind them you are an agent!”

Statistics tell us that buyers and sellers do not speak to many agents before selecting one to work with. In fact, 66 percent interview just one agent before selecting one. At this critical moment of decision, it is crucial that you have already established top-of-mind status. How will you do this? Consistency and a systematic approach are the keys to effectively reminding your database that you are a real estate agent BEFORE they hit day 16 and you start to fade from their memory.

Join our great panel as they discuss how they built amazing referral businesses and what that looks like for them today!

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