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“Door Kncoking for Succe$$ Panel”

Join our panelists Carol Evans, Kim Vuong and Michelle Morgan to find out all you need to know about successful door knocking strategies!

Whether you've never door knocked before or consider yourself a master, there will be something you can learn from this class. Our panel will have a conversation within the class based on people's questions, fears, the success stories of others and what they did to get there.

Topics included will be:


- How to pick a farm 

- How to develop a presence within that farm

- Importance of a database


- Keeping your mind strong through the process

- Overcoming rejection

- Removing the stigma of door knocking from your own mind

Knocking on doors

- When and where to do it

- Do's and Don'ts 

- Scripts and specific language

Success stories

- Tips and tricks learned along the way

- How to overcome the odds

- Proof that anything is possible

You will leave this class feeling motivated and better equipped to actively generate some business!

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